Sample Management Automation & Robotics for Laboratories
Our systems are found around the world in research laboratories specializing in Life Sciences, Drug Discovery, Cryobanks, Biobanks and more...

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Our Robotics Work With Your Labware 
Our instruments are compatible with popular consumable manufacturers including, but not limited to:

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We have thousands of installations across the globe:

We Design Efficient Robotics to Accelerate Your Workflow
We make a no-compromise commitment to equipping our customers with innovative and world-class sample management tools.   We aim to design instruments to make your sample management lab more productive.

From our location in northern California we design, engineer, assemble and support BioMicroLab instruments.  BioMicroLab robotics platforms are designed for compatibility within the Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standards to ensure integration with automation oriented labware.  Our team has a 22-year track record in manufacturing robotic material handling products and our main goal is to manufacture instruments which provide fast sample processing, unattended operation, and robust sample management software tools to empower labs with reliable solutions for common tube and vial handling applications.

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We manufacture tube and vial handlers, tube labelers, volume detection systems, numerous benchtop lab tools.