2D Cryogenic Storage Solutions
0.3 mL to 10 mL Tubes!


BioMicroLab now offers 2D Cryotubes for BioBanks, BioRepositories, Pharma, BioTech, Academic and Molecular Testing Labs! 
Superior, Durable, Long Lasting Cryotubes
  • Multi Labeled Tubes for Long Lasting, Reliable Sample Tracking
  • Durable Laser Marked 2D Barcodes--highest quality marking!
  • Superior Closure Ensures Leak Proof Tubes
  • Suitable for Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Advanced Cryo Jacket Technology for Long Term Storage 
Multi coded tubes have a laser etched 2D barcode on the bottom, as well as a barcode AND human readable on the side for superior durability.

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Rack Features

  • Locking Lid—with Visual Confirmation!
  • Racks Compatible with Automation Tube Decapping Systems
  • 1D Linear Barcode & Human Readable on Side of Rack
  • Embedded 2D Rack Identifier on Rack Bottom

Tube Features

  • Polypropylene Tubes (some tubes are co-molded)
  • Jacketed & Non-Jacketed Available
  • Medical Grade Virgin Polypropylene
  • Clean Room Production
  • RNase / DNase, DNA and Endotoxin Free
  • ANSI/SLAS Standard