2D Cryogenic Storage Solutions
0.3mL to 10mL Tubes!


BioMicroLab now offers 2D Cryotubes for BioBanks, BioRepositories, Pharma, BioTech, Academic and Molecular Testing Labs! 
Superior, Durable, Long Lasting Cryotubes
  • Multi Labeled Tubes for Long Lasting, Reliable Sample Tracking
  • Durable Laser Marked 2D Barcodes--highest quality marking!
  • Superior Closure Ensures Leak Proof Tubes
  • Suitable for Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Advanced Cryo Jacket Technology for Long Term Storage 
Multi coded tubes have a laser etched 2D barcode on the bottom, as well as a barcode AND human readable on the side for superior durability.

Save with Starter Kits

Select any tube type and any SampleScan Scanner to save!
Cryotubes and Scanner Starter Kit

Rack Features

  • Locking Lid—with Visual Confirmation!
  • Racks Compatible with Automation Tube Decapping Systems
  • 1D Linear Barcode & Human Readable on Side of Rack
  • Embedded 2D Rack Identifier on Rack Bottom

Tube Features

  • Polypropylene Tubes (some tubes are co-molded)
  • Jacketed & Non-Jacketed Available
  • Medical Grade Virgin Polypropylene
  • Clean Room Production
  • RNase / DNase, DNA and Endotoxin Free
  • ANSI/SLAS Standard