Applications & Example Workflows

BioMicroLab Instruments are designed to accelerate your sample throughput. Learn more about how our instruments are used in these Workflow and Application Notes.

Sample Temperature Integrity
With the XL100/XL200

maintain temperature of lab samples while processing

Solid State Cooling Systems with the XL100 or XL200 guarantee sample temperature integrity from 5°C to 50°C.  Download PDF

Sample Re-Arraying
With XL Tube Handler

Sample-Re-arraying with robotics

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Ultra-Low Temp Sample Management
With the XL100/XL200

For applications requiring more extreme temperature integrity, BioMicroLab XL Series Vial Handling systems can be equipped with MéCour Thermal Block Technology to manage samples from -90°C to 250°C.   Download PDF

Sample Handling & Volume Verification
With XL Tube Handler, SampleScan, VolumeCheck

Sample handling and volume verification for cryotubes and vials

 Download PDF

Process Patient Sample Collection Tubes
With the XL100/XL200

Automate the processing of patient sample (i.e. saliva) collection tubes with the XL100 or XL200.  Download PDF

Receiving Samples and QC for Processing
With XL Tube Handler & VolumeCheck

Receiving samples, verifying volume and quality control

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