CryoGenLine Cryotubes
1.2 to 5mL Tubes


BioMicroLab now offers 2D & 1D Cryotubes from Biosigma for BioBanks, BioRepositories, Pharma, BioTech, Academic and Molecular Testing Labs! 

BioMicroLab is pleased to offer a complete line of cryogenic vials and boxes to store specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C. Biosigma CryoGen® tubes are certified Human DNA, Dnase, Rnase, Pyrogen, ATP, PCR Inhibitors free, sterile SAL 10-6 and IATA PI 65.

CryoTube Features
  • Designed to integrate with Automated Capper/Decapper equipment.
  • Barcoding: 
    • Our 2D CryoGen® tubes include a 2D data matrix barcode on the base of the tube as well as the 1D linear and human readable barcode on the side. 
    • 1D CryoGen® tubes include a standard 128 barcode (1D) barcode on each vial and human readable characters printed in both left and right hand orientation for easy readability by all users.
  • White writing surface for additional specimen identification
  • Produced from medical grade raw materials that will not discolor after re-sterilizing
  • Chemical resistant polypropylene (PP) vial
  • Vials and caps are autoclavable
  • Printed graduations for accurate measurements
  • Self-standing vials* include locking base feature interlock in  workstations, preventing tube rotation during capping & decapping operations
  • *1D tubes are available in round bottom or self-standing 

No Contamination Risk
Certified Human DNA, Dnase, Rnase, Pyrogen, ATP, PCR Inhibitors free, sterile SAL 10-6 and IATA PI 65.

Cap Features
  • Co-Molded Leakproof Caps
  • Innovative screw caps eliminate leakage and contamination. Both internal and external screw caps are co-molded with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPV) layer and are 95kPa certified to provide a 100% leak-proof seal. This proprietary molding process eliminates the risk of contamination associated with brands that use separate o-rings.
  • Star shaped top cavity is engineered  for use with decapping automation
  • Chemical resistant caps
  • Slim profile external caps ensure better fit in standard racks and boxes
  • Caps are available in clear and 6 colors.


These durable polycarbonate cryogenic storage boxes are designed to be used at temperatures between -196°C and +121°C. Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes. Include Box Barcode (1D & Human readable), frosted writing area and 2D embedded barcode for automatic rack orientation.
  • 25 Place
  • 81 Place - Low Profile
  • 81 Place - High Profile
  • 100 Place - Low Profile
  • 100 Place - High Profile
   Available with colored, numeric grid, for 1D & 2D tubes. Download brochure       for full details!

48-Place ANSI/SLAS Racks

  • Alphanumeric Numbering on Base & Engraved on Lid
  • Open base for decoding 2D barcodes
  • Polypropylene
  • Suitable for use with automated decappers
  • Vial picker included
      Available pre-racked with tubes, or racks only