Lab Tools

PCR Well Plates & qPCR Tubes

Now Offering High Quality PCR Tubes & Well Plates! The well plates are ideal for use with the VolumeCheck.
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Tube Labelers

Print and Apply Labels

Quickly print and apply labels to tubes and vials with the XL LabelPro. Print 1D or 2D  barcodes, symbols and human readable text. Available as a standalone model or integrated with a robotic tube handler for automated labeling.
5-Place Automated Balance for XL100 and XL200

More Accurate Sample Volume Tracking with a 5-Place Balance

Integrate the 5-Place Automated Balance with 0.01mg readability into your XL100 or XL200 Vial Handler.

Decapping / Capping with your XL Series Tube or Vial Handler

The XL integrated capper / decapper automates adding and removing screw caps from common laboratory vials and integrates with other operations like volume detection, re-array, liquid handling and more. Cap Feeders are available to supply fresh caps as well.

Thaw Frozen Samples

Efficiently thaw frozen samples before processing with the Rack Thawing Station.
Balance Ionizer

Boost Accuracy and Repeatablity with a Balance Ionizer

Improves the accuracy of your tube and vial weighing by eliminating the electrostatic charge on the sorting platform and sample tubes with the XL Ionizer for Balances.
Decapping / Capping Station

Standalone Decapper / Capper for Screw Cap Vials

Two models are available to help you decap and recap glass vials while avoiding the repetitive strain of performing those tasks by hand. Both are designed to integrate with other robotic systems, regardless of manufacturer. Available with or without an automated cap feeder.
transfer labware to other robotics

Transfer Tube Racks to Other Robotics Systems

A Rack Transfer Station is available for XL100 and XL200 Vial Handlers to increase capacity and throughput. It enables other robotics to move well plates and tube racks on and off the XL100 or XL200 sorting platform. Customizable for a variety of labware, the off-deck access adds flexibility to your lab's integration capabilities.

BioMicroLab's Software

BioMicroLab's Windows based software is user-friendly and makes operation of all our robotics straightforward. For customization projects and integration with other robotics and database systems, we offer alternate API Toolkits for all our instruments. Learn More about Software for Tube Handlers  |   Volume Detection  |  Barcode Readers   |  Tube Labelers

Vial Racks

Many original manufacturer tube racks are fully compatible with the XL Series tube handlers. BioMicroLab offers rack/vial holders for tubes and vials when ANSI/SLAS formatted racks are not readily available. Learn More


An essential accessory for any lab using 96 well tubes! This device raises a single row of tubes at a time to present the tubes at a level where the user can pick up the tube with greater ease and efficiency. Learn More
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