Automated Benchtop Capping & Decapping of Screw Cap Tubes - Several Models!

XL AutoCap

Add or remove screw caps with the XL AutoCap™ benchtop decapping and capping system for racks of tubes. Ready-to-use out of the box!

  • Friendly 7-inch color touch screen interface
  • Works with tubes from BioMicroLab, Micronic, Greiner, FluidX, LVL/Ziath, and Thermo
  • Compatible with tube sizes 0.3mL, 0.5mL, 0.75mL, 1.1mL & 1.4mL
  • Easy to use by a wide variety of operators
  • Re-usable cap carrier compatible
  • Cap tool supports a wide range of closure types, ensuring compatibility with your future labware
  • Easily change between internal and external caps 
  • Eliminate repetitive strain injuries typical of capping tasks

LIMS & Lab Automation Features

  • Portrait or landscape rack orientation capable 
  • Barcode reader scans both front & side rack ID codes 
  • Networkable 

Labware Compatibility

Compatible with internal and external threaded tubes, sizes:
  • 0.3mL
  • 0.5mL
  • 0.75mL
  • 1.1mL
  • 1.4mL
Compatible with Screw Caps Tubes from BioMicroLab, Greiner, Micronic, Thermo, LVL/Ziath, FluidX