CapDecapPro 96

Automated Benchtop Capping & DeCapping

Add or remove all 96 caps in 30 seconds with the CapDecapPro 96™ benchtop decapping and capping system for full racks of tubes. Ready-to-use out of the box. No rack adapters needed when changing between tube sizes.

Quickly DeCap or Cap a Full Rack of 96 Tubes

  • Friendly one-touch screen interface
  • Compatible with Micronic, FluidX, Thermo, and Ziath Labware
  • Adapters not required for labware racks
  • 4.3" color touchscreen panel
  • Networkable

One Button Operation or Connect to PC or Local Laboratory Network

  • After pressing the button the device will recognize the operation to be performed OR Connect remotely using an RS232 communication port
  • Eliminate repetitive strain injuries
  • Easy to use by a wide variety of operators

Versatile & Responsive

  • Operates regardless of the capacity/height of tubes placed in the rack
  • Provides maximum protection against cross contamination resulting from accidental displacement of tubes and caps
  • The rack holder automatically slides in and out to a designated position for the tubes to be placed either manually or, when needed, by a robot.
  • Stores caps after decapping while lab processes the plate
  • Reads and stores barcodes of any racks loaded in and compares them with rack barcodes from previous operations

decapper for 96 well tube racks


  • Completes one cycle, opening or closing 96 screw cap tubes, in 30 seconds

Labware Compatibility

Compatible with internal threaded tubes, sizes:
  • 0.5mL
  • 0.75mL
  • 1.1mL
  • 1.4mL
Compatible with Micronic, FluidX, Thermo, and Ziath