PCR Consumables


Now Offering High Quality PCR Tubes & Well Plates!

96 Well PCR Plates Product Line

  • Full-skirted and half-skirted
  • Clear or white wells
  • Automation compatible
Recommended PCR volumes: 5µL – 200µL 
Maximum well volume: 200µL

PCR Tube Product Line

  • Individual PCR tubes with attached cap
  • PCR strip tubes with attached caps
  • Ergonomic PCR strip tubes with co-molded caps
  • PCR and Real time / qPCR options

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to hold low-volume reaction mixes
  • Manufactured with medical-grade polypropylene
  • Thin rigid walls for efficient heat transfer during amplification
  • Raised well rims for effective sealing
  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase and endotoxin
  • Suitable for real-time / quantitative PCR
  • Extensive thermal cycler compatibility
  • Rigid style 96 well PCR microplate is ideal for automated PCR assembly
  • Highly visible alphanumeric coding
  • Thermal cycler compatibility list available

Ideal for use with BioMicroLab VolumeCheck™

Unique Features

  • AGB PCR Tube and plate performance in PCR reaction exceeds the leading PCR consumables offered in the market
  • Ergonomic co-molded cap design significantly reduces cap installation force over 10 times, greatly improving workplace ergonomics without the adverse effects of sample evaporation
  • Single tube with attached optically clear cap for Real Time PCR
  • Numbering feature on the 8-strip PCR tube is unique and reduces mislabeling issue