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For labs scanning barcodes and weighing vials by hand, the TubeSelector accelerates the process.

For labs receiving numerous types of tubes and vials from outside sources, the SampleCheck provides the versatility needed for scanning and weighing those vials to determine the sample volume.  After scanning the tube’s barcode, motion sensors immediately activate the balance to enable the user to efficiently collect the weight data.

When integrated with the TubeSelector, a complementary device which raises a single row of tubes, the user can pick up the tube with even greater ease and efficiency. Touch screen operation provides a completely integrated solution for your lab’s sample volume verification needs.


  • Scan and weigh tubes and vials
  • Scan 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Weigh tubes and vials using a balance (0.1mg readability)
  • Motion detecting sensor opens weigh station cover automatically
  • Consolidated output file (.csv) includes rack ID,  tube barcode and weight data
  • Easily integrates with LIMS
  • Optional integrated touch screen for Windows based control software 


  • Improves sample volume verification
  • Prevents errors in assessing incoming sample volume
  • Eliminates redundant tasks associated with confirming sample volume
  • Scan and weigh tubes from a variety of sources
  • Scan 1D or 2D barcodes from your sample tubes while performing gravimetric volume detection

Labware Compatibility

  • Commonly used plastic tubes and glass vials
  • Standard 96 tube rack vials (0.2mL to 1.4mL)
  • 2mL to 6mL glass vials
  • Variety of cryovials


  • Accelerate weighing and tracking of tubes and vials by hand
  • Scan and weigh tubes from a variety of sources
  • Scan barcodes while performing gravimetric volume detection

Typically Installed In

  • Compound Libraries / HTS groups
  • Biobank or Biorepositories
  • Core genomic facilities

Components / Models

  • SampleCheck
  • SampleCheck with Touch Screen
  • TubeSelector - A complementary product that raises a row of tubes so that single tubes can be picked up more easily

TubeSelector makes it easy to select a single tube

  1. Select the row
  2. Tubes are presented at raise height
  3. User easily selects a single tube