OEM Compatibility

BioMicroLab Integrates with Other Automation Equipment

BioMicroLab offers both ActiveX and SDK Toolkits for all our instruments for end-users, integrators, and other manufacturers to fully integrate a BioMicroLab instrument with other robotics and LIMS systems.


  • Beckman Coulter
  • Freeslate
  • Tecan

SampleScan 2D Barcode Readers

  • Brooks Automation
  • LabCollector – Sample Management Software. Includes support for one-touch button.
  • Tecan
  • Titian – Mosaic Sample Management Software 1D/2D scanning is supported on all devices. Call for device support for the one-touch button.

XL9 & XL20 Benchtop Tube Handlers

  • Agilent Technologies - VWorks
  • LabCollector – Sample Management Software
  • Titian – Mosaic Sample Management Software

XL100 & XL200 Tube & Vial Handlers

  • Titian – Mosaic Sample Management Software. Currently, Mosaic software can only make use of the 2D reader peripheral.


We are happy to share the documentation associated with the ActiveX toolkits for your review. Please email us to request copies of the manuals. The SampleScan ActiveX and SDK Toolkits are available upon request. VolumeCheck and XL Series ActiveX and SDK Toolkits are an optional purchase.