BioMicroLab's Complete Product Line

Tube Handlers

We offer both benchtop and high performance tube and vial handlers. BioMicroLab’s XL Series of reliable, flexible and affordable robotic pick and place systems automate critical sample management tasks such as organizing, reformatting and analyzing samples.
2D Barcode Readers

Barcode Readers

We offer a complete line of 1D & 2D Barcode Readers. Product Line Brochure (PDF)

BioMicroLab's SampleScan full rack and single tube barcode scanners and readers are found in drug discovery labs and biorepositories worldwide. Because the SampleScan readers are easy-to-use and integrate well with other systems, they have become a favorite for thousands of our users.

Standalone VolumeCheck

BioMicroLab’s VolumeCheck eliminates time intensive visual or pipette-based volume inspections by automating the QC/QA task of verifying volume in well plates and tube racks. The VolumeCheck uses non-contact ultrasonic measurement technology to detect sample volume before or after use on any liquid handling instrument, or tracks and records sample volume your lab receives or dispenses. It is an essential tool helping prevent costly downstream issues, such as reagent waste or loss of instrument time, and will increase the overall efficiency of your liquid handling processes. Available for 96 and 384 well labware!

Tube Labelers

Our customers tell us how happy they are to STOP labeling tubes by hand. The XL LabelPro automates the time intensive (and very boring!) process of printing and applying labels by hand.

SampleCheck & Tube Selector

For labs receiving numerous types of tubes and vials from outside sources, the SampleCheck provides the versatility needed for scanning and weighing those vials to determine the sample volume. After scanning the tube’s barcode, motion sensors immediately activate the balance to enable the user to efficiently collect the weight data.

When integrated with the TubeSelector, a complementary device which raises a single row of tubes, the user can pick up the tube with even greater ease and efficiency. Touch screen operation provides a completely integrated solution for your lab’s sample volume verification needs.

Decapping / Capping Station

Accessories & More

A complete line of accessories to compliment our systems and streamline day to day operations in your laboratory.


BioMicroLab includes its user-friendly, Windows based software with all applicable robotics. ActiveX and SDK are available for integration projects, and are included with many models.
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