Factory Certified Refurbishment

For XL9 & XL20 Tube Handlers

Why We Recommend Factory Certified Refurbishment

  • Instruments benefit from a tune-up after ~4000 hours of operation
  • At the factory our technicians can access components not accessible in the field
  • Even after years of use, your tube handler can be Like-New again
  • It's fast -- we have a typical turnaround time of 6-8 days

Service is Recommended Every 4,000 Hours of Operation

What's Included

BioMicroLab’s trained technicians and engineers perform a multi-point inspection, repair, upgrade, and test for at least 24 hours before providing a Certified Factory Refurbishment Report for your records. 

Our Technicians...
  • Optimize XL20/XL9 tube pick and place robotics
  • Rebuild/Replace pick head gripper unit
  • Rebuild/Replace pick head solenoid 
  • Realign Tube Handler carrier robotics
  • Re-teach and calibrate all tube pick positions
  • Replace carrier belts, motor belts, and robotic components
  • Optimize 2D camera focus and settings
  • Test and calibrate analytical balance
  • Update XL system firmware 
  • Provide customer with BioMicroLab XL Work List Manager software update
  • Calibrate system tube pick and place positions
  • Test for at least 24 hours. Each unit must complete 8 hours of continuous operation without error before being certified.

We Make It Easy

Our support team provides step-by-step instructions and helps you with all the logistics related to shipping your tube handler back to our factory.

Turnaround Time

Refurbishment takes 6-8 days at BioMicroLab’s factory in Concord, California. Loaner Tube Handler systems are typically available.