Cryo Frost Remover
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Removes Ice Build-up on Racks Stored in LN2 & ULF Freezers 

Ice and frost can get in the way of decoding the 2D barcode at the base of cryotubes. The Cryo Frost Remover eliminates accumulated ice at the base of cryoboxes without heat, compressed air, alcohol or chemicals!

Removes Ice to Decode 2D Barcodes

  • Removes ice and frost on the base of the box/rack and in crevices around cryotubes 
  • Removes ice/frost in ~12 seconds
  • Starts automatically -- no button press!
  • Standalone system
  • Uses rotating brushes
  • No heat, compressed air, alcohol or chemicals
  • Instant start
  • No calibration or adjustments required

Operate Easily Wearing Bulky LN2 Protective Gear

  • Sensors detect the labware and begin deicing immediately. No button press required!

Compatible Labware

  • Cryoboxes and ANSI/SLAS tube racks
  • While ideal for use with labware with openings in the base for the 2D barcode, the Cryo Frost Remover™ can also be used for labware with solid bases.