SampleScan Mini 2D Barcode Readers

High speed barcode readers for 96 tube rack samples

2D Barcode Reader

The SampleScan Mini is a “small footprint / high speed” barcode reader for 2D marked sample tubes stored in tube racks.  The SampleScan Mini scans a tube rack and outputs barcode data file within 4-6 seconds.  The scanner’s adjustable output file includes 2D tube barcode, tube position, and rack ID data. An optional 1D rack reader captures the Rack ID.


  • 4-6 second scan speed for 96 tube rack 
  • Single tube scan option - direct to any app
  • CSV output file for tube ID data
  • Small footprint:  6.25” wide x 10.5” long 
  • Integration friendly design
  • Single tube scan feature
  • 1D Reader for rack barcode can be attached to any side - Automated model
  • One-touch button initiates scan and output - Automated model

Automation Benefits

  • Quick output of 2D tube data
  • LIMS controlled tube inventory
  • Now Available! Network connectivity with TCP/IP
  • Avoid wrong tube / wrong sample errors

Rack ID Scanning

  • Scan the one-dimensional rack ID barcode with an integrated MS-2 (included with the SampleScan Mini Automated Model)
  • Mounting bracket attaches on all four sides

Compatible 96 tube format labware

The SampleScan Mini works with a range of 2D microtubes and 2D cryotubes offered by variety of labware vendors such as:  
  • BioMicroLab
  • Altemis
  • Biosero
  • Corning
  • FluidX
  • Greiner Bio-One
  • LVL
  • Micronic
  • Thermo Scientific / Matrix / ABgene Nunc
  • Ziath
  • Others
Supported tube rack formats include the popular 96 tube racks and also 48, 24, 12, or other capacity tube racks.  The 384 tube rack format is supported for specific 2D labware. Template scanning feature allows for use with high-density tube racks with offset rows and columns.


The SampleScan Mini includes BioMicroLab SampleScan 2D software. This easy to use Windows application provides point and click control of the scanner.  
  • It provides an on-screen display of the barcode image with colorful visual scan status and quick confirmation of the scanning process. 
  • Barcodes are also displayed on the screen so the user can quickly evaluate any non-readable barcodes. 
  • SDK and ActiveX Software Developer’s Toolkits are included for integration of the scanner with robotic and LIMS systems. 
  • Key features include customizable output file fields, project based workflows, and single tube scan. 
  • Quickly evaluate any non-readable barcodes by clicking on the on-screen barcodes(s) to display an expanded view of the barcode and code characteristics.


  • Tube sample library management
  • QC sample tube shipments
  • Track 2D tube samples
  • Confirm tube ID prior to processing

Typically Installed In

  • Compound Libraries / HTS groups
  • Biobank or Biorepositories
  • Core genomic facilities


 SampleScan Mini      part number: BML-SSMINI
Includes:  Scanner unit, SampleScan Software, User Manual and all cables
 SampleScan Mini
 part number: BML-SSMINI-1D
 Includes:  Items above plus 1D barcode scanner for the rack ID and one-touch button to quickly initiate a scan without a mouse click.

SampleScan Product Line Video
SampleScan Software Video