SampleScan Cryobox 2D Barcode Readers

Cryobox Reader For Biobanks

2D Barcode Reader

The popular SampleScan line now includes 2D readers for Cryoboxes.  Designed for biobanks and ultra-low temperature cryobox scanning, these readers capture the barcodes and provide 2D data output in a variety of options for your database.

  • Fastest scan and decode time: 1-3 seconds 
  • Decode 81/100 Cryoboxes, ANSI/SLAS and legacy rack formats 
  • Optional foot pedal connection allows for mouse-free operation 
  • Cryobox is insulated from the scanning surface to reduce frost build up - HS Models 
  • Leak proof design ensures lifelong use - HS Models 
  • Rack orientation sensor - HS Models 
  • Automated Model includes Rack ID scanner that can attach to any side - HS Cryo Automated Model 
  • Single tube scan direct to app 
  • Compatible with 2D embedded Rack IDs
Scans one rack in 1-3 seconds
  • 96 well rack less than 1 second
  • 81/100 and 384 rack less than 3 seconds

Software Features
  • Software detects and reports missing tubes 
  • Auto-rescan feature improves decoding results 
  • SampleScan software provides a project based workflow for labs with a variety of rack formats 
  • Output file .csv, .txt, xml, or user definable

Rack ID Scanning

Scan the one-dimensional cryobox ID barcode with an integrated MS-2 (included with the SampleScan HS Cryo Automated Model)

Automation Benefits

  • Quick output of 2D tube data
  • LIMS controlled tube inventory
  • Avoid wrong tube / wrong sample errors

Compatible Cryoboxes AND 96 tube format labware
  • BioMicroLab Tubes
  • All 81 & 100 Cryoboxes with any 2D data matrix barcoded cryovials, glass vials or tubes
  • Greiner Bio-One Cryo.s™ 81way boxes
  • Wheaton KeepIT™ 81 & 100 boxes
  • Argos Technologies PolarSafe™ 81 & 100 place cryovial boxes
  • Legacy cryo racks in 5x5, 9x9 and 10x10 formats
  • 12, 24, 48, 81, 96, and 384 well ANSI/SLAS standard racks
  • Biosero
  • Biosigma
  • Corning
  • FluidX
  • Matrical
  • Micronic
  • Thermo Scientific (Matrix, ABgene, Nunc)
  • Wheaton
  • Ziath
  • 4mL glass vials with 2D barcodes
  • Cryovials with 2D barcodes
  • High-density tube racks with offset rows and columns - 96 model
  • Others, including non-ANSI/SLAS standard racks - please inquire!


  • QC sample cryobox shipments
  • Track 2D samples
  • Confirm cryotube locations prior to processing

Essential Tool for Labs Tracking Cryotubes

  • Biobank or Biorepositories
  • Core genomic facilities

Integration Ready Software
  • Easy-to-use software scans, decodes and outputs the 2D barcodes on tubes in cryoboxes, racks or individual tubes
  • Customizable tube profiles allow for user defined decoding settings
  • Rescan or manually edit barcode data
  • When scanning only a single tube, the decoded barcode is displayed on the screen and can be pasted into any open application
  • To integrate with LIMS, data output files are .csv format, user defined and easily customized
  • ActiveX and SDK toolkits are available (SDK only for SampleScan HS Cryo) to enable transfer of output files directly to LIMS or to integrate with other laboratory robotics.


  Model  Speed  Part Number & Notes
 SampleScan HS Cryo      < 3 sec / rack  Part Number: BML-SSHSC
 Camera based
 SampleScan HS Cryo  Automated  < 3 sec / rack  Part Number: BML-SSHSC-1D
 Camera based. Also Includes 1D
 barcode scanner for
 the rack ID. 
 SampleScan 96 Cryo  20 sec / rack  Part Number: BML-1CR-SS96
 Scanner based. Also scans high-
 density tube racks with offset rows