Find the Best Tube Labeler for Your Lab

Use the wizard below to find your tube labeler based on your labware and your requirements. 
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How to choose a tube labeler

Software Included

Software to design your labels for tubes and vials
BioMicroLab's label design software makes it easy to design your labels. These Labeling functions are embedded in the XL Work List Manager Software. Users have the ability to print the same data on all labels, merge variable data on each label, or apply pre-printed labels.  Project based workflow allows for easily reprinting and applying commonly run labels. Learn More
  • User-friendly Windows-based software
  • Input worklist file controls all tube operations
  • Design your label with text and/or barcodes
  • Merge data from external sources (.csv or .xml)
  • Easy to repeat previous labeling jobs
  • Output file is user-definable (.csv)
  • LIMS integration ready

Print and Apply Labels

print and label tubes

Quickly apply pre-printed or custom labels to tubes and vials with the XL LabelPro. Print 1D or 2D  barcodes and human readable text. Easily upgrade your existing XL9, XL20, XL100 or XL200 Vial Handler to include the labeler module.