XL LabelPro Tube & Vial Labeling Systems

Giving you a reason to smile about labeling tubes!

Our customers tell us how happy they are to STOP labeling tubes by hand. The XL LabelPro automates the time intensive and tedious process of printing and applying labels to tubes by hand.

Big Benefits
  1. Easily affix human readable labels to tubes and vials
  2. Eliminate the headaches associated with manual tube labeling
  3. Systems are sized for your lab’s needs
  4. Your lab’s existing XL Series Tube Handler can be easily upgraded
  5. Labels designed for liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and freezer (-80°C) environments - View Label Media Technical Data Sheet 
  6. Compatible with ceramic labels for permanent application
  7. Easy to load ribbon and label materials
  8. Fast start-up and unattended operation
  9. All electric operation; no compressed air
  10. Small footprint with convenient design
  11. XL LabelPro module can be removed when not in use


XL200 LabelPro - 28 rack capacity - Download Tech Data Sheet
XL100 LabelPro - 18 rack capacity - Download Tech Data Sheet


XL20 LabelPro - 18 rack capacity - Download Tech Data Sheet
XL9 LabelPro - 7 rack capacity - Download Tech Data Sheet


  • XL LabelPro™ with XL Series tube or vial handling instrument, size and model to meet your needs.
  • Tube pick and place robotics to automate labeling, re-arraying, and sorting tubes
  • BioMicroLab’s Windows-based label design, label project, and tube handling software
  • XL LabelPro cover that easily removes to re-load labels or ribbon.

XL Series Tube Handlers are also available with:

  • Volume Detection
  • 1D barcode readers / 2D barcode readers
  • Liquid Handling (to XL100 or XL200 only)
  • Capping / De-capping  (to XL100 or XL200 only)


Click on chart below to view largercompare tube labeling systems


  • BioMicroLab Tubes
  • ANSI/SLAS standard tubes from major manufacturers such as Thermo Scientific, Matrix, Micronic, ABgene, Corning, Ziath, Biosero, FluidX and more
  • Plastic or glass tubes
  • 4mL, 8mL glass vials and Cryovials
  • Vials up to 1” in diameter in standalone mode
  • Additional tube size support available!
  • Compatible with ceramic labels

Upgrade Your Existing System

Does your lab already have a BioMicroLab XL Series Tube Handler?Leverage your existing XL Series instrument by adding label printing and application. Upgrade a proven instrument that is familiar to your users and is easy-to-use. The XL LabelPro™ may be removed when not needed to allow access to the two rack positions for sorting or weighing.

Upgrade your vial handler with labeling

Labels That Last!

Our labels contain chemical resistance and temperature tolerance properties


  • Print 1D & 2D barcodes, human-readable text, images, and symbols
  • Print identical or unique labels, or apply pre-printed labels
  • Excellent resolution with 300 – 600 dpi thermal printer


  • Labels designed for liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and freezer (-80°C) environments
  • Thermal printer ribbon resin is rated super premium for DMSO and alcohol chemical resistance (T84/T85)
  • Wide variety of label material including plastic/permanent acrylic (CryoLabel®)
  • 1,200 – 2,000 labels per roll (varies with label size)
Purchase your labels in bulk and save!

Software to design your labels for tubes and vials


Design and layout of labels is accomplished with BioMicroLab's label design software. Labeling functions are embedded in the XL Work List Manager Software which provides the ability to print the same data on all labels, merge variable data on each label, or apply pre-printed labels. Project based workflow allows for easily reprinting and applying commonly run labels.
  • User-friendly software
  • Input worklist file allows labeling and sorting in one job
  • Design your label with text, barcodes, images, and symbols
  • Merge data from external sources (.csv or .xml)
  • Easy to repeat previous labeling jobs
  • Output file is user-definable (.csv)
  • LIMS integration ready


 XL9 LabelPro   7 tube racks   Plastic and glass 96 well microtubes
 XL20 LabelPro 18 tube racks   Plastic and glass 96 well microtubes
 XL100 LabelPro 18 tube racks   Plastic and glass 96 well microtubes
  Cryovials or 4mL glass vials
 XL200 LabelPro 28 tube racks   Plastic and glass 96 well microtubes
  Cryovials or 4mL glass vials
 Standalone  LabelPro           n/a  All tube and vial types up to 1" diameter Learn More