5-Place Balance

Automated Vial Weigher with 0.01mg readability for XL100 or XL200

BioMicroLab integrates precision balances into tube moving systems to automate the collection of sample weight and tube barcode data.

The XL’s 5-place balance option can provide automated tube or vial weighing capabilities for a wide range of labware.  A vial decapper option allows decapping vials prior to weighing or adding fresh caps to uncapped vials.


  • Automated vial weighing with Metter Toledo WXS weighing module
  • Scans and decodes both 1D and 2D barcoded vials and tubes
  • Automated decapping and recapping 
  • Fourth axis for liquid handling applications
  • 5-Place Balance with 0.01mg readability

Modes of Operation

  • Work list based operation
  • Data Collection
  • Tare/Gross Weigh

Accessories Included

  1. External Ionizer blower
  2. Internal Ionizer with static buttons
  3. Vibration mats
  4. External terminal display

Compatible Labware

  • 96 tube rack (0.2µL to 1.4mL)
  • 4mL glass vials
  • Cryovials
  • Tubes/Vials up to 125mm in overall height
  • Commonly used tubes and vials

LIMS Integration

  • Easy-to-use
  • Input and output file format is .csv
  • ActiveX Toolkit available