Decapping / Capping for the XL100 & XL200 Vial Handlers

The XL integrated capper / decapper automates adding and removing screw caps from common laboratory vials.

Decapping Operating Modes

  • Decaps a vial and discards the cap
  • Decaps a vial and holds the cap while the vial is weighed, then recaps

Capping Operating Modes

  • Provides a source of fresh caps
  • Dispense a fresh cap for application to a vial

Compatible with Common Laboratory Screw Caps

  • 2mL, 4mL, 6mL, and 8mL glass vial caps (Wheaton, Kimble-Chase, Qorpak, and more)
  • Sarstedt 2mL screw cap vials
  • Cryovials (Nunc, Corning, Greiner, and Thermo)

Cap Feeder Options

Select the Carousel or In-Line Cap Feeder depending on your type of labware

Capping and Decapping is also available as an OEM Standalone Capper / Decapper.

For Automated Capping & Decapping of Full Racks of 96 Well Tubes, Go Here

Sarstedt cap feeder tech sheet cap feeder for most screw caps

Capping is Available on These Models

 XL Tube& Vial Handler ModelCapacity 
 XL10020 racks
 XL100 with Liquid Handling20 racks
 XL20030 racks
 XL200 with Liquid Handling      30 racks