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Software Included  --- NEED TO EDIT

BioMicroLab software captures the 2D barcode image, decodes the barcode(s), and outputs the data in a user configurable .csv (excel-like) file format for easy use with your LIMS system.  Software developer toolkits are included with the purchase of a SampleScan 2D reader system to help you integrate with other equipment or laboratory systems. If you'd like to see a sample output file, just ask us! BioMicroLab’s SampleScan software interface has been available for over eight years.

print and label tubes

Print and Apply Labels

Quickly apply pre-printed or custom labels to tubes and vials with the XL LabelPro. Print 1D or 2D  barcodes and human readable text. Easily upgrade your existing XL9, XL20, XL100 or XL200 Vial Handler to include the labeler module.