Automated Volume Detection for XL9 or XL20

The XL9 and XL20 Tube Handlers can be equipped with either the LevelCheck or an Automated Balance to accomplish volume detection tasks.

  • Non-contact sensor detects sample volume
  • Works with both capped and uncapped tubes
  • Readability typically +/- 10-15μL
  • Easily integrates with all other XL9 or XL20 tube processing operations such as cherry-picking, barcode decoding, re-arraying and labeling
  • Captures the 2D barcode and volume data in a single operation
  • Captures tube image for visual inspection
  • Outputs data file (.csv) and/or tube image (.jpg)
  • LIMS integration ready
  • Upgrade your existing XL9 or XL20 Tube Handler with volume detection capabilities 

Modes of Operation

  • Work list based operation
  • Data Collection
  • Tare/Gross Weigh


  • Sample library volume detection system 
  • Detect sample volume and 2D barcode decode in one operation 
  • Biobanking and compound sample management laboratories 
  • High-throughput screening 
  • QC/QA and sample detection for mini-tubes

Compatible Labware

  • 96 tube rack (0.2µL to 1.4mL)
  • Commonly used plastic or glass tubes
  • ANSI/SLAS standard 96 well tube racks from Matrix, Abgene, Micronic, FluidX, Thermo Scientific and more

LIMS Integration

  • Easy-to-use
  • Input and output file format is .csv
  • ActiveX Toolkit available

LevelCheck is a non-contact volume detection for capped tubes
software shows image of tube for visual inspection