Liquid Handling

liquid handling for tubes and vials
The XL100 and XL200 are available with single channel liquid handling which offers an excellent opportunity to increase the efficiency of your laboratory vial filling processes.  The XL100 or XL200 with liquid handling and scale modules allows for accurate robotic operations for dispense and aspirate processes.

The XL100 or XL200 with liquid handling pipette module provides automatic tip load and unload features.  To avoid cross contamination of samples, the system settings allow for the pipette tip to be discarded after each use (automatic tip ejection) and before a new tip is applied (automatic reload). Standard system configurations allow for on-deck reagent and diluent reservoirs.  Tip wash areas are also optional. 


  • Tecan ADP electronic pipette module
  • <5µL - 1ml volume
  • Single channel pipettor
  • Pipette is controlled by a separate z-axis
  • Auto-load and auto-eject pipette tips
  • Conductive tips provide liquid level sensing
  • Aliquot and dispense from any tube, vial or rack position
  • Aspirate or dispense in 7 seconds per vial
  • On-deck reagent / diluent reservoir, pipette tip supply, and wash areas are optional
  • Precise sample temperature requirements can be achieved with customized MéCour thermal blocks as an additional option


Available on the XL100 and XL200 Tube & Vial Handlers

Automated single channel liquid handling for tubes and vials
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BioMicroLab's Vice President, Bill Hess, introduces the XL200 Vial Handler equipped with the TECAN pipette for Liquid Handling at SLAS.


liquid handling