Vial Holders & Racks

Durable tube and vial holders for long-lasting, efficient automation

Every XL Series Tube Handler comes equipped to handle common racks and trays.

We offer milled aluminum tube/vial holders for many vial sizes to provide robotic friendly ANSI/SLAS format racks for use on the XL Series systems.

Why Choose BioMicroLab Aluminum Vial Holders

  • Durable robotic friendly racks for long-lasting use on an XL Series system
  • Designed to provide access to the vial's outer wall for best gripper finger access
  • Compatible with other instruments in your lab that use ANSI/SLAS formatted racks


  • Material: Milled aluminum 
  • Open area on bottom for drainage and 2D barcode visibility
  • Side slots on all four sides for plate moving robot access
  • Angled bottom wells available for flat bottom vials

Rack Dimensions

  • Width:  5.030”  (127.75mm)
  • Depth:  3.366”  (85.50mm)
  • Height: 0.680”  (17.27mm)

Rack Capacity

Depending on your tube type, we offer:
  • 12 well (3x4 array)
  • 24 well (4x6 array)
  • 40 well (5x8 array)
  • 48 well (6x8 array)
  • 48 well (4x12 honeycomb)
  • and more...