XL200 Vial & Liquid Handler

Automates liquid transfer in-line with re-array, sample weighing, volume checking, and data collection for a wide variety of common laboratory sample vials.

The XL200 Liquid Handler adds single channel 5μL to 1mL pipette function to the XL200 platform.  This allows liquid transfers to occur in-line with sorting, scanning, weighing, decapping, and labeling operations. 

The pipette allows controlled dispense, aspirate, and mix cycles which complements the XL200’s barcode readers, balance, decapper, and other options.  

After processing the vial samples, the XL200 software generates output files with vial sample data. The XL200’s 30 position deck allows many hours of unattended processing of tubes and vials.

The XL200 is configured for use with labware per user requirements.  A typical configuration may be a 30 position deck with a pick and place system for 96 tube racks and 4mL vials. Additional configurations include XL200 with racks for vacutainers, 2mL plastic tubes, HPLC vials, cryo vials, and other labware.  The XL200 deck can be setup to work with a range of tube and vial racks.

The XL200 provides walk-away automation for tube and vial sorting, weighing, decapping screw caps, applying fresh caps, liquid handling methods, and vial print and apply labeling.


  • Sorts / re-arrays vial based samples 
  • Sorts / re-arrays 96 tube rack samples 
  • Weighs sample tube  (0.1mg or 0.01mg readability)
  • Records sample tube 2D or 1D code & rack ID code
  • Benchtop footprint: 48" x 30.5" 

Liquid Handling Features

  • Single channel pipette 
  • Volume range:  5µL to 1,000µL
  • Automatic tip load and unload
  • Conductive tips available
  • Aspirate and dispense to and from any position on the XL200 deck
  • Aspirate and dispense to and from tubes, vials, and reservoirs

Automation Benefits

  • Large deck capacity provides hours of "walk away" time
  • Sample data output is CSV files for Excel or LIMS 


  • XL200 software controls several load & go sample processing routines
  • A worklist mode allows re-array of very large sample sets 
  • Barcoded deck streamlines sample loading

Labware Compatibility

Compatible 96 tube format labware

  • BioMicroLab tubes
  • Altemis
  • FluidX
  • Micronic 
  • Thermo Scientific (Matrix / ABgene)
  • Greiner
  • Ziath/Biosero
  • Others

Compatible sample vials

  • 2mL cryo vials
  • 4mL, 6mL and 8mL glass vials
  • Biosigma cryo vials
  • Cryo.s Greiner Bio-One
  • Matrix/Nunc 48-way honeycomb format
  • Vacutainer
  • Others


  • Re-array samples prior to use in liquid handling systems 
  • Organize tube rack samples into 96 or 384 well plate pattern 
  • Confirm sample volume for compound library 
  • Conserve freezer space (consolidate partial racks) 
  • Print and apply vial labeling

Typically Installed In

  • Compound Libraries / HTS groups
  • Biobank or Bio repositories
  • Core genomic facilities
  • Combinational chemistry areas


The XL200 with Liquid Handling holds 30 ANSI/SLAS type tube racks or can be configured for a wide range of tube racks and vial trays. Your model can be configured with the features you need, including:

Optional Add-On

SDK Software Developer's Toolkits for integration with other robotic and LIMS systems.