VolumeCheck Software

The VolumeCheck software calibration wizard assists the user in efficiently creating the calibration table, which is based on known volumes of a given sample. Many calibration tables can be stored, making it easy to switch between sample types and different types of labware.

For Models 50, 100 & 384

  • Graphically displays the well plate volumes in columns and rows
  • User interface designed for quality control applications
  • Project-based software for multiple types of applications and labware
  • Select rows or columns to scan for efficient throughput
  • Includes plate data calibration table utility
  • Easy-to-use Windows based software
  • ActiveX toolkit available for integration projects
  • Prints plate reports
The resolution and accuracy will depend on whether the samples were centrifuged, any dimensional variation in labware consumables, the accuracy of the calibration tables created by the user, and the sample volume in the plates. The VolumeCheck returns a higher resolution with low volume plates vs. higher volume plates (PCR plates vs. 2.2mL deep well plates).

OEM Integration

BioMicroLab instruments have been integrated with many manufacturers’ automation systems. Click here for a current list of manufacturers with drivers for BioMicroLab instruments.

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